Window cleaners (mobile photo)
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Today’s office: Jakarta, Indonesia

Today I’m setting up camp at the 88 building, in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Amazing views — but even from the the thirty-something floor, it’s impossible to see the edges of this 28-million-people city.

Office with a view

Office with a view

Outside, a crew of window cleaners were busy scrubbing the windows.

Window cleaners (mobile photo)

Window cleaners (mobile photo)

They’re definitely used to the views but I’d like to imagine that, from time to time, they gaze into the horizon as well, marveling at this huge, chaotic, ungraspable city.

Gear shot
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Back in Indonesia

I’m back to Jakarta. Back to Indonesia!

And just three days later, I’m getting ready to go on an assignment in Lombok (next to Bali). I barely had time to recover from my jet lag (12-hour time difference from Haiti) and here we are, on the run again! Continue reading

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Motion demo reel

In addition to stills, my clients increasingly demand video services, both production (shooting) and post-production (editing) — and it’s about time you get to see some of it! Here’s a little sample of my video work, on my new show reel.

Demo reel from Rodrigo Ordóñez Photography on Vimeo.

If you are in Indonesia and Vimeo is blocked, you can also watch it on Wistia.

Certain stories are better told with movement and sound, so they are more suitable for multimedia.

Shooting video requires more planning than taking photographs, and more technical resources, but it also makes you look at what’s around you in a different way, appreciating the dynamics of situations and watching for that perfect moment when sounds and images just click.

This year I’ll be producing more video stories, along with my team in Jakarta.

We offer video production and post-production services (editorial, commercial, corporate, travel) in Indonesia and beyond. If you’re interested, contact us.