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Back in Indonesia

I’m back to Jakarta. Back to Indonesia!

And just three days later, I’m getting ready to go on an assignment in Lombok (next to Bali). I barely had time to recover from my jet lag (12-hour time difference from Haiti) and here we are, on the run again!

I’m packing a ‘light’ multimedia setup: 2 camera bodies (Canon 5D Mark III, plus a 5D Mark II as a backup), 2 lenses (one zoom, one prime), Sandisk memory cards, Zoom sound recorder, Sennheiser headphones, laptop, backup disk, chargers and the usual knickknacks (rocket air blower, LensPen, cables, notebook, documents, etc.).

I’ll be carrying everything in a Lowepro Pro Runner 450 AW backpack during travel, and using a Vanguard Up-rise 33 messenger bag during shooting.

Gear shot

Gear shot

I’m happy to be back in Indonesia and excited to be going back to Lombok.

I will be posting more updates about this assignment and about other projects in the pipeline. The rest of the year is going to be very busy, so stay tuned!


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